Andre Burakowsky .

Andre Burakovsky – Washington Capitals – NHL – Hockeybiomechanics – TMS Performance Team






Jens Fahbring – European Tour Golf – Golfbiomechanics – TMS Performance Team






Björn Åkesson – European Tour – Golf Biomechanics – TMS Performance Team

















Torstein Steinersen – Biathlon – Sweden National Team – Sport Biomechanics











Barsebäck Golf Academy – Golf Biomechanics – Junior / senior Athlete Development











Linn Andersson – Perdue University – Golf Biomechanics – TMS Performance Team





Calle Andersson – AHL – Hartford Wolfpack – Hockeybiomechanics – TMS Performance Team







Rasmus Andersson – AHL – Stockton Heat ( Calgary Flames ) – Hockeybiomechanics – TMS Performance Team












Klara Svensson – WBC Boxing – Sport Biomechanics – TMS Performance Team











Anna Svenstrup – LETAS – Golf Biomechanics – TMS Performance Team




Amanda Sträng – LETAS – Golf Biomechanics – TMS Performance Team






Nora Klintheim – Golf Biomechanics –

My work with Jonas has had a major impact on my results. Previous years we have been working with a lot of stability exercises to prepare my body for more heavy exercises. It has taken me three years to be able to move weights and now I am finally there and it has made a huge difference in my game. This season I have had more control over my swing and swing speed.